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  • High to help Martin boots, autumn and winter to wear the most tide

    The weather gradually turn cold, autumn and winter season, this has been quietly came, men and women of the wardrobe and a large change of water, do not forget to add a pair of your boots in the shoe, a pair of Martin boots enough You look like fashion and keep up with the trend. Handsome retro style Martin boots can be a good show of boys handsome and bold, high to help the style is to pay tribute to the classic, no matter what time to jordan sneakers see are timeless fashion breath of light into battle, cool with the line, slightly Alice The source of the last type, the cheap jordan shoes curve fit foot type, smooth line curvature design to create a slender leg vision. Delicate cortex, soft texture and solid, car suture with warm coloring, highlighting the British fashion. Ankle high help, leisure and yet avant-garde. Casual high help tooling Martin boots, dry breathable fabric, with the personality of the decoration, stylish and beautiful. Will be completely exposed wild, showing different temperament rate of sex. Military wind in the season is still time-tested, classic 9-hole lace design rich leg of the overall sense of hierarchy, lower body take a hole denim shorts, that is, where the influx of people, you are still the most shining in the crowd star.

    Shoes to do the old design is very taste, slightly literary style but very board is, the upper jordans on sale leather texture is very good, with good permeability and ductility, soles thick and wearable and elastic, travel essential shoes The Innovative also combines all the features of Oxford shoes. British style has a local cultural inspiration, while the surrounding areas of the customs and customs, the boy's shoes, become no longer limited.

    2017-10-23 10:23:33
  • High to help increase the winter shoes, winter in a cluster of fire

    Take the unusual way, handsome also have their own style, stylish appearance and excellent quality is your constant pursuit, keep looking for the goal, embrace freedom, enjoy the ease, the jordan 10 general boots how to meet your high requirements, fast So high to help temperament boots to highlight your elegant and noble, different temperament it Cold winter, do not forget to add their own feet plus temperature. Chic unruly high boots is a good choice, it coat modern atmosphere full, jordan 4 coupled with a pair of high boots can be said that the days of the match. Rebellious design, trend index instantaneous burst table. Wear high-rise shoes with jeans, you can pick the lace to pick a little, tongue open, this is the more tide of the practice, if the jeans version is straight, you can put the trouser legs folded by folding , Looks more likely to be type. With the nature, the tide, independent, take the unusual way, handsome also have their own style, pure black classic design, stylish appearance and excellent quality to facilitate your pursuit of non-stop, constantly looking for, embrace freedom, Enjoy the ease.

    Very trendy pair of rivet leather shoes, from the zipper design is not only good-looking, more convenient, shoes are classic, black and white with a good look! A little shoe waist design more trend retro jordans Oh! jordan shoes Rivets enhance the texture of the whole pair of shoes. Boots using the first layer of leather, but also in accordance with the standard proportion of the production boots, the soles are rubber outsole, toe hardening measures, adding a protective measure, and anti-thorn, folding. Very simple a black Martin boots, high-quality fabrics with softness, breathability, comfort, etc., is the first choice for healthy wear. Shoes, hand-sewn with exquisite smooth shoe last, so you wear more Fan Fan.

    2017-10-20 10:06:00
  • Read this few casual shoes, only to know what is hated later?

    Every day to wear shoes, your style is the lack of these casual style shoes? It is time for themselves into a few pairs of handsome envy of others jordan shoes shoes, and today introduced the casual shoes is also good, it can be said to be a variety of styles, can be easily integrated, but also because of its wild, it can be said to The overall coordination and health, so we choose casual shoes, the first must pay attention to the material is good or bad, like canvas, leather and other materials, are the most easy to buy style, of course, depends on its cost and value both, But also a good occasion to adapt, so fishes! And the next eight shoes have these characteristics, is not it feel a little meet each other's hurry it ~ very simple casual shoes, shell head of the toe, very young trendy atmosphere, matte leather fabric design, retro Fashion sense overflow, but there are three colors to choose, you can understand it's unique? Wearing a slowly experience Kazakhstan ~ Velcro design canvas shoes do not have some characteristics, this style will be more fresh Oh, but also very suitable for lazy shoelaces boys, it has another feature, that is, the black part of the shoes is canvas, White part of the cortex, the visual simplicity is not simple, with what are not ordinary youth fashion. Simple color, simple models, not simple air jordan intentions, how can you fall in the fall of this pair of wear it wanted to Sahuan good shoes, its shape is the most popular style made by the moment, then wear it Absolutely right. Retro to do the old shoes are very dirty, compared to small white shoes, this section will be young people like the tone, wear it jordan 10 can be unscrupulous, do not worry will be dirty, anyway, dirty also can not see, ha ha! Is there any poker that you have

    Couple models board shoes style is very simple and generous Oh, the shape of the neat sense is also very good, the upper is the PU material design, very durable Oh! And with a very simple, put on a pants can be handsome handsome out! Minimalist lovers super love a casual shoes, upper is cotton and linen blended, the upper soles are linen weaving, summer through the gas, cool, not easy stinky feet, walking more comfortable, simple and generous style, tide men out street Essential, still waiting for what, comfortable to wear to know Oh! Style shoes are better ride, on what occasions are OK, the color is very stable very clean color, very temperament and also wild, ribbon design is more popular this year, really do not worry about the hit The problem. Autumn new rubber sole canvas shoes, from the appearance of people can not move away from the eyes, the height of the upper is to help, this height is suitable for autumn wear is also easy to wear, wearing is also very comfortable, sweat, just after the feet is Yan Value weapon.

    2017-10-18 10:25:56
  • Temperament pointed shoes, even the toes are reveals an elegant atmosphere

    If you are also like the fashion girls, then this fall, do not miss jordan 12 a beautiful cheap jordans fashion pointed shoes Oh, full of temperament, not only to wear out our unique personality style, but also for us to create a unique The gas field, simply can not even praise Oh! Europe and the United States Fan full of a flat shoes, velvet material more Western style Fan, sheepskin material wearing more comfortable wear. Light is not tiring, broadband design reflects your ladies air jordan temperament flat bottom shoes, piercing elegant goddess Fan! The design of the lattice is more stylish, the light color is very white, the feet are also very uncomfortable is not too tedious is also very wild Super beauty of a, the biggest bright spot is the sequins of the design, shiny jordan 12 bright people like to like, shoes are beautiful and beautiful, to do their own pride at the queen looked completely amazing it, regardless Is the color or style are so perfect, Liu nail design more fashionable elegance is not monotonous, hit color design is also very nice, very comfortable feet, but also very wild

    More design a sense of a pair of shoes, the body shiny bright to wear it very princess feeling, very temperament of a, more of the filament is also very bright, but also very wild wild fashion Needless to say The Quality version of the type are particularly good, the biggest bright spot is that metal design looks very grade, toe design as a whole adds a stylish atmosphere, a big feeling. Ring can be said that this year is one of the most popular decorative elements, can add personality for the shape, the overall finishing touch, outline the rich level. Rouran the cortex, wear very comfortable, simple and generous style of wild no tire

    2017-10-16 10:26:29
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