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  • Let the flat shoes accompany us to travel it

    Often hear people say that women need a pair of good shoes, a pair of good shoes can make you go farther and better. While taking into account the comfort at the same time, fashion can not fall, from head to toe have to do icon! To say what the current tide shoes the most ram, the staff of a pair, no doubt "little white shoes" will win the championship in one fell swoop, small white shoes is really can not deny every girl, with skirt, pants are Suitable for! Single shoes is also the most common in a flat shoes, it's a variety of styles, rich colors, in the dress, it is easy to achieve unity with the clothing. Bold girls are also able to try a variety of design sense of foot shoes, pointed shoes in this year's fashion week is shine, is definitely popular this year's popular! The upper with a high quality of the fabric, soft and breathable, very comfortable feet, stylish and comfortable inside design, soft texture, comfortable to wear, will not let the feet hot, using the Velcro design, no matter what the foot Type is very suitable. Fabric with the first layer of cowhide, the use of high-quality lightweight rubber at the end of the weight of the shoes is equivalent to the weight of the two mobile phone Oh, the mouth of a circle of sponge design, meticulous care of your feet, followed by fashion five-pointed star design, Oh!

    Fabric jordan shoes with the first layer of leather, good cow is visible Oh, pig leather insole with 0.5 cm of the sea cotton, soft rubber outsole, shoelaces with a fixed band, do not tie, save the trouble of the lace , And very beautiful, followed by the use of matte leather design, anti-wear feet, there are very fashionable. Everyday little white shoes come again ~ classic wild not from the fashion, the feet really comfortable, and I have been wearing Oh! First of all wild, what shirt you can choose to wear it, all can hold live, the upper is the lace design, not monotonous, simple and good-looking, but also very casual! We have a PU leather, fashion, waterproof, toe made into a round head, fit foot type, so that the force evenly toe, shoelaces do not hang cheap jordans for sale cheap jordans online cheap jordans for sale silk, lines close, shoes Cloth comfortable, breathable, not smelly feet, insole comfortable stretch, ease the walking pressure, start black and white hit color, simple and generous, pink and white hit color, lively and beautiful. The use of imported high-quality PU leather to do the fabric, PU leather beautiful appearance, easy to care, is your second choice fashion. Personalized buckle, filling the wild style, coupled with the design of tassels, gives a very classic feeling, with a small pants or skirt are very suitable.

    2017-07-25 11:19:41
  • Wearing high heels 8 embarrassment, the first three girls are in the past

    High heels hot spicy, spicy sexy, as a woman no reason to refuse it! It almost contracted all the perfect match with the wardrobe. Let you from the hair to the toes are reveals a confident and elegant. Wear it beautiful but also be careful, because you accidentally you may encounter the following embarrassment (Wuzui laugh), through the high heels are a few strokes in the summer when wearing sandals the most common, there are times to friends to play, change Shoes when the sandals on a small piece of black dirt, just friends are next to. It is said that some of treasure shoes in the shoe when the test shoes have also encountered this pair of high heel, jordan sneakers the toe is slightly some Alice. Brown OL wind revealed the ladies taste ~ elegant, charming, feminine. And its word buckle design, so that your ankle more slender, thin feet of the United States and the United States can wear a stable ~ basic cat heels is the jordan 11 most classic style is basically not Wei feet. No extra decoration, simple and generous, do the first pair of high heels is very suitable. 3cm glasses with love, jordan 11 soft pig skin to do inside, wearing a day is not tired feet. Workplace need jordan sneakers a pair of good shoes, because you have a lot of people want to see, do not let this shoe embarrassment in your boss and customers. Social field want to be more confident and calm face, hot home of this nude color patent leather just for you, 6cm comfortable with

    Because the occasion we need to wear high heels, so usually more than a careful, word buckle with very safe. Wear tired can also change the flat shoes or sports shoes to relax about the feet now sports wind prevails, afraid of Wei feet do not love to wear high-heeled can choose. Net breathable, soles are also very soft, but not the general training shoes soft, really can shock, on this point of feeling up to feel Oh,

    2017-07-24 11:10:35
  • Wearing canvas shoes, more than high heels!

    Sports wind is the most popular wear this summer, in addition to all kinds of sweater T-shirt sports buy jordans pants, can be very good to build sports wind is a pair of sports shoes. But I was thinking, big summer, the shoes that kind of stuff is too stuffy, or canvas shoes Well, both breathable, but also wear comfortable, is definitely a small summer shoes summer shoes ~ for canvas shoes, No one will be unfamiliar. I think everyone's youth have a pair of it, especially in school wear school of the era, it is standard. But so familiar with the canvas shoes, you know how much it in the end look at the United States do? For people who can wear canvas shoes: really a pair of shoes will be able to go the world. (Although in order to create a different style, we need more shoes) dress + cardigan is a lot of people a good way to deal with spring dress, with a pair of canvas shoes, looks more girl feeling. Skirt with canvas shoes on the more dynamic, and everyone loves the denim skirt, whether it is with a shirt or T-shirt, with a pair of canvas shoes is very young age.

    V - Floral Chiffon Sling Dress. Clothes fabric can also, upper body self-cultivation effect cheap jordan shoes is good, inside the lining is also chiffon, chiffon, drape sense of full hole tassel denim skirt. Version of the super-beautiful, burly Western style and strong, soft and comfortable skirt fabric, like the following design of air jordan the burr, nice playful white canvas shoes. Not soft collapse, the shoe code is correct, beautiful shape, the toe part is very appropriate, will not be significant feet, cost-effective super high exposed feet naked pants more high, then you can match a pair of low to help canvas shoes, To help you return to 18 years old, and the basic all kinds of pants can be low and canvas shoes with buy jordans low. Wild casual shoes. Specially in the heel of the place affixed to the heel, to prevent grinding feet, but in fact the back of the school that place specifically thickened, and still very soft, not grinding feet ~

    2017-07-21 11:01:00
  • Selection shoes Cheats - summer selection shoes standard

    Summer care, jordan 13 the foot has become the most easy to overlook the place. In fact, the summer should choose a pair of comfortable, fit shoes. So, how to choose a pair of comfortable, fit shoes, to their feet a comfortable environment? Here to introduce some "selection shoes secrets." The general foot to buy shoes is relatively easy, but some people have flat feet, shoes and insoles have to pay attention to the. Flat feet of the people should choose a foot support the flat foot pads, heel harder shoes, this helps to ease the movement when the feet fatigue and pain. Many people mistakenly believe that the new shoes are "running" period, wearing a period of time will be "with the foot." In fact, good quality and suitable for new shoes will be very comfortable after wearing. In general, jordan 10 the foot of the shoes do not pressure the instep, the shoes before the appropriate space, the front foot to have a certain swing and then jordan shoes can not swing with the heel and shoes do not feel friction between the bang. Midsummer comes, care can not be underestimated, in daily life in addition to some simple foot care methods, the choice of a pair of comfortable, fit shoes equally important. I believe that through the above description of the "selection shoes secrets", we can now easily for themselves and their families to choose the right health shoes it!

    1. Hand gently knead the grinding foot parts, so that the shoes soft, but not cheap jordans too much force, so as not to wrinkle wrinkles. 2. With a dry wet towel to wear feet to cover, let it become soft, cool home naturally dry, and then wear on the foot of the. 3. with white wine or alcohol coated in the shoe grinding feet, soaked about 5 to 15 minutes, wait a little soft, and then wear on the walk.

    2017-07-20 11:13:10
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