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"Tide" here to see, these shoes is the classic

?2017 summer coming, unknowingly 2017 almost over half a year. Xiaobian thought male tide male most concerned about is not only this year's popular shoes style, this year's popular shoes are essential to small white shoes! But simple small white shoes have been unable to meet the requirements of fashion people, fight color, do the old, retro and other elements to join more in the shoes, showing a variety of styles of shoes. Xiaobian for everyone to sort out this year's popular trend, the second half of the new jordans crowd so that you look in line ~ retro is a nostalgic life ideas, but also the trend of the classic elements, retro shoes are also sought after by the tide of men, classic retro Color with coffee, brown, red wine and other dark. Hu Ge feet wear retro classic wine red shoes, with lattice suits and plain casual pants, exudes the retro British wind. A classic retro shoes for you to create your life philosophy, improve the quality of life. Now the pursuit of small shoes, everyone's eyes began to aim at this trend, the original represents a separate designer, in the design has a unique view and highlights. Work is essential to a pair of business wind shoes, business shoes can shape a person's business image, passed to others mature and stable information. Successful start from the foot, is to attend important occasions must be a single product.

?The carved shoes are collectively called Brogue shoes, Scotland from the 16th century, and the Irishman who can sing and dance. Carved later attracted to the Duke of Windsor wearing a Bullock to participate in the upper class dance, from engraved in the fashion design history of jordan shoes the exquisite Bullock carving is the love of the fashion industry, carved to the simple upper to increase the British Fan, cheap jordans Bullock carved A symbol of a gentleman, with self-cultivation suits, cheap jordans online and then wear a pair of Bullock shoes, is the classic wear method.