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Do not wear sports shoes can cheap jordans not live Nice shoes walking with wind

To say that sports shoes is the hegemony of the fashion industry in the past few years should be no one to oppose it, from the show to the streets, from the fashion to life, of course, "thanks to" brand marketing is doing well, there are new Shoes wave after wave did not stop down. Leading you to see the new shoes do not buy all hands itch. You say why you have to do so many good sports shoes! So you can see a lot of men, especially young boys, shoe are all fancy sports shoes, encountered the need to wear shoes when embarrassed. So I asked about the side of the male friends, if you do not have shoes ready to wear shoes to go out? In fact the shoes are not only that you wear suits with the dress shoes, they look better than you think much more, and wild and fashionable degree is no less than sports shoes. Can be used with suits shoes really particularly large, if each are introduced to that out of a topic. But jordan 11 if you want me to choose a pair of words, Meng Ke shoes is definitely my devaluation. Because the Derby new jordan shoes or Oxford style did not pick on the game over, and now the market often there are some strange pieces of money. But Meng Ke shoes is not the same, no matter so change, are relatively stable, and an upper foot can definitely make you look taller. And I suggest you choose a conservative double deduction, so that your whole match with the success of the half, then you only need a suit of suits can basically make your successful person look perfect.

Color on the choice of brown or black models is the most wrong, of which the black is more serious, suitable for formal business occasions, brown more elegant, suitable for more occasions. If you want to be more sigh of some, you can also choose to clean more special style, but because of the characteristics of Mengke shoes, they will not make you look too fancy, the overall style or will be more stable. Thick leather shoes before I have also mentioned, but some people will feel boys wearing a little thick at the end of strange. But in fact the thick bottom is not the girls of the loose shoes, but the soles than the traditional shoes will be slightly thicker, only need to change slightly, the whole shoe looks a lot of fashionable young. Because the soles of the change, so if the vamp is too smooth will not take, so in order to make shoes more casual, these shoes will generally add the Bullock process, jordans for cheap the whole effect out of college wind is very strong, naturally will not look old The. This kind of thick bloom is not the traditional sense can only take the suit shoes. Basically light mature men usually casual dress and it is also no problem with the whole, and can strengthen the overall mix of British style. Speaking of leisure, in addition to the above high-end Bullock, there is a material can not forget, that is, matte skin, as long as the material of the shoes into a matte skin, no matter what kind of shoes, flew from a serious change Relaxed leisurely. This is very suitable for office workers usually wear, not only wear more fashionable, and will not say too casual. With jeans, casual pants and trousers to wear are completely do not feel do not take