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Dress with pointed high heels, do the princess in his heart

"Cinderella" story Many people have seen, a child always thought that a pair of beautiful crystal shoes, must be double high heels! Because only the kind of sexy and extreme height, in order to allow the prince in many beautiful women, one to recognize themselves. Women are wearing beautiful high heels on the street, all the men are in these sexy high heels and stop to enjoy the time, very few people really understand, in fact, high heels, is a married! High heels plus beautiful dress, you can instantly become the prince princess. I do not know men do not know a lot of high heels for love, love because of its development, no one does not know Nike shoes wearing high heels more comfortable. But no women will give up high heels, they would rather jordan 4 marching the slightest trembling extreme heels, so as to give those timid men find the opportunity to lend a helping hand, so that men can also be invited to wear high heels and light dress women dance One song. The first layer of leather to help face, coupled with comfortable sheepskin inside, the whole high heels to wear it is very comfortable. 10cm with the height of the foot and the ground to form the 45 , this angle allows you to look more tall and glamorous, but also look like you are very good, exquisite workmanship, so you wear out will not lose face.

Hot words of the collar hey turned the clothing industry, the word collar is very small face, face round the BB do not have to worry about, plus you can reveal your sexy clavicle, dress up First! Some shoulder can not afford to clothes to worry about the table, shoulder strap design to help you fixed clothes, is not very intimate? Shirt collar design by age and fashion, the princess-like bubble sleeves let you sweet and not know, black and white color collision fashion temperament, waist belt so you have A4 waist, cotton fabric skin care comfortable. Vamp on the upper is very beautiful, very bright, this style, especially in a variety of social occasions to wear, you can instantly become the focus of the audience. Shallow mouth design can be a good modification of the foot type, thin heel elongated leg of the curve, modified the body, is a lot of women's choice. See the play you are not wearing a boyfriend shirt the plot of retro jordans grass, but directly to wear a boyfriend's shirt and ugly, see here, a shirt jordan 1 dress to meet all your fantasy. Cotton shirt, sweat breathable skin care is safe, the hem irregular loose skirt lazy and relaxed, a strong sense of the line to touch your big legs, version of a bit loose, wild do not pick people, chest white shell Buckle is also in order to match the style of clothes custom, very texture, upper body is very casual. Coupled with a belt or Tube Topband, full of fashion, usually wear as long as the attention with the shoes on it. Many of the shoes are as long as the appearance of good-looking, but wear it is painful, so at the moment we need a pair of internal and cheap jordans online external high heels. High-quality sheep skin to help the surface with sheepskin Nie Li, wear comfortable. 6cm amount with the high just right, in line with ergonomic, from the major fashion week inspiration, will never let you out of the fashion trend.

Printing different shades, flowers open posture is also different. This is a combination of clothes, shirt plus lotus leaf girdle, single wear shirt loose fashion, round neck even more ladies temperament, coupled with the popular girdle design, shirt with the pattern of elastic girdle, fine lotus leaf, spiral Cut the way, so that the leaves side of the leaf wide and quite real, with the length of the shirt, is a complete set of shirt dress. Side of the shoulder is a button design, you can turn down a little, bare your incense shoulder, but also a small sexy.