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Early spring put on pointed shoes, easy out of the elegant goddess of gas field

Can be excellent control of high-heeled shoes, in order to be far-sighted, pointed shoes exposed exquisite curves and sexy jordan 10 new jordans instep, these are very tempting visual elements, I think this is why more and more girls Began to obsessed with pointed shoes, and the most exciting but pointed shoes can make your feet become slender, feet pretty bow up, a great degree of elongated leg line, so that your spontaneous rise of the chest, gas field Look up! Simple and easy to shape the law, the first to share with you, all kinds of dress and pointed high heels can easily explain the combination of elegant feminine charm, when you wear it that moment, the body instantly tall, avant-garde Modern, elegant temperament also revealed, the stars attend a variety of parties and celebrations, will choose pointed footwear, and their temperament pulled a high level, is to create the goddess look of the necessary weapons.

Simple section of the pointed shoes, gas field full. Compared to the complex style of pointed high heels, the simple section for the vast majority of clothing with, easily with any single product modeling. And feet to take the design, highlighting the ankle sexy, and let the shoes with the foot, more comfortable. Sharp heels may be elegant, but need to be too strong force, to master the entire gas field. Peaceful low heels may be comfortable, but, in the formal occasion of the request, may be too casual. This spring and summer color of the heels, perhaps you balance the dress of the way the best choice. To be highly comfortable, preferred 5.5CM, exquisite height and retro jordans for sale proportion, can make you dancing up and down in 5 centimeters. Compared to the thin high heels, thick with more comfortable, feet are more comfortable, not so tired. Suede design, an increase of simple shoes, retro feel, even more indulge in pleasures without stop. Ankle lace design, even more flavor, simple is not simple! Classic pointed shallow mouth, with 6.5cm side rough with, after the package in the full use of ultra-fine wool Minimalist style, enduring. Rough with the comfort is better than the fine high-heeled, commute and leisure can wear. Perfect last type, shoe body lines smooth, 7 classic color, how to wear a type, is absolutely indispensable with a single product!

Slightly with Mary Jane style pointed low heels, both with a pointed character feminine, and Mary Jane's girl retro breath, buckle design of metal elements, more into the shoes of the neutral rock style, a shoe three Kind of soft style in which people can not extricate themselves. Easily face any style! Delicate soft texture, simple and capable, neat and intellectual. Fashion suits to create a word with a single shoes, is simple and elegant in the classic style, clean the upper, more easily with a variety of styles of a single product, and the color is different, the style is not the same Oh!