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Girls out to play like to wear what casual shoes?

Fall girls out of the street favorite to wear what? How can we dress up the lovely Meng sister and yet elegant temperament? May wish to choose a such casual shoes to enhance your style, the following by Xiaobian recommended for you to dominate the fall of casual shoes! Increase the shoes, the use of human foot structure and the "human physiological mechanics" principle, the use of hidden design and the appearance of flat with the structure. In the shoe moderate height, and supplemented by the form of curves and elasticity, so wearing a safe and comfortable, there is no ordinary high heels tired feet uncomfortable feeling, while the height is immediately increased by 6 cm, it is tempting upright and majestic, grace and God A new color jordan 1 Not only people can not see the increase in the secret, but also make people feel twelve minutes of comfort. As soon as it is listed, it has been sought after by countless young people and quickly pushed to the forefront of China's trend. The industry has been hailed as "the first increase in the wave shoes! The appearance of the advantages of the canvas shoes, very young people love!" The past two years of sports and leisure wind in the fashion industry popular, jordan sneakers a variety of styles of casual shoes have been favored, especially the hottest white shoes, seems to have become fashionable people will wear a single product at all, has been in the uninterrupted out of stock The fire is a mess, is so proud! More importantly, do not OUT, men and women with the same paragraph to wear a handsome face! If you want to choose this year must buy a single product fashion, non-TA none other!

Thick soled shoes, common is the soles are both high and low, and sometimes before the low after the high, of course, mainly to women's shoes. As the 90's popular thick shoes commonly used as a seemingly soft polymer composition made, so a little like a muffled, so a few pieces of loose shoes. The popularity of loose shoes is related to the fact that these women are ideal for tallness, and are related to the leisure of contemporary fashion. Want to increase their own more than 5 cm and do not want to wear high-heeled shoes of the pain, so loose shoes became their blessing. Hand-painted shoes, also known as graffiti shoes, painted shoes. Is based on the original color of finished shoes on the basis of, according to the style of shoes, fabrics and customer hobbies, the artist on the upper hand painted with a special paint painted a beautiful, personalized picture, without affecting the use of shoes on the basis of, Observability. This pair of shoes picture, is the comic cartoon, canvas and pigment fusion is not easy to fade Oh, so that hand-painted canvas shoes developed rapidly, more enriched jordan shoes the contents of canvas shoes culture. Such a pair of jordan shoes fashion and the trend, cute, stay Meng, coexistence of canvas shoes, you dare say you never heart?