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How to choose a pair of good-looking high-heeled shoes do not hurt?

?2017 summer, whether you are wearing casual shorts or mini skirts, the most attractive is always a pair of slender straight legs. In order to make our stature more elegant, more straight legs, a pair of elegant high heels is always essential, high heels is almost a woman's fashion darling! Madonna said, "Give me a pair of high heels, I can conquer the whole world! But women are also high heels, jordan 12 how deep love how deep, according to the survey, most women wear high heels at the same time the feet will have different degrees jordan shoes Of the sprain and the cheap jordans for sale problem! But in fact, these can be, to buy a pair of suitable high heels to get relief! Xiaobian today to talk to you about how to buy their own high heels! Buy high heels can not just look, Put on the foot to go to buy! But can not just try to finish on the end, remember that as long as the try when a little bit uncomfortable, immediately let go, do not think more wear through a support like a good fit, If you do not have to wear high heels, then it is recommended that you start from the low heels! From the beginning of low heels slowly began to get used to it again Increase the height, to know that even if the model and female stars such as people every day to wear high heels are often wrestling! So wear high heels can not wear all of a sudden too high!

Foot big MM always have a small number of people complain that their feet are big, can not wear pointed shoes, if the meat feet girl pointed shoes is to pay attention to the depth of the shoe, it is best not to choose the exposed foot Tight code number. If you are wearing a high heels to grasp the bad sense of balance MM, then the small number to suggest you start from the rough with it! Because it can be more uniform pressure to the various parts of the foot, this can help you relieve stress, so you better find a sense of balance. A strap can focus on your body's thinest ankle, so jordans on sale that your shoes become the focus, so that your body with a full sense of detail, you can not look down on the root tape, perhaps that is a little special design value A few thousand of the renminbi, you do not want to come to a pair of sexy tie shoes? Xiao Bian think it is best to try new shoes at night, because the day your feet will be more swollen, if the shoes at this time to feel the shoes in advance Bad situation! Finally Xiaobian proposal, do not wear long heels for a long time, work can be put in the office a pair of flat shoes to be a replacement! Girls buy shoes as much as possible to buy real leather shoes, because of its better ventilation and more comfortable!