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How to do the feet sweating? Shoes inside it can be removed!

Whenever we go home to play home to rest, a take off shoes, the shoes of the flavors will be nostrils, so that the whole person is not good, especially girls, do not mention how embarrassing! Xiao Bian most remember is that whenever you eat Japanese food, you need to take off your shoes to eat, had a very unpleasant scene, some people will look very embarrassing expression, because the whole room, filled with his beriberi , Then, that person is not how to choose to take off your shoes to eat. So how did the beriberi produce? In fact, no matter who, his feet can not be as fragrant as flowers, but the taste is thick and fills away. Because people's feet for a long time in the shoes of the package, air jordan the closed environment so that the skin surface of the sweat can not be naturally evaporated, so naturally will continue to ferment, and then produce an unpleasant odor. And distributed in the feet above the sweat glands are other parts of the body several times as much, it will inevitably appear athlete's foot.

Because the feet are in such a special environment, it will lead to a variety of bacteria in such a hotbed air jordan of wanton breeding. To know the wet, dark, warm, but the necessary conditions for the growth of bacteria, and most people will not often brush shoes, these fungi, bacteria will take the opportunity attached to the feet, continue to reproduce, and skin metabolism and waste generated by mixing, Resulting in malodor. In fact, when we get off work every day, after school home, you can put the shoes inside the 5 things, beriberi will gradually eliminate Oh! Lemon unique sweet and sour fragrance with a little bitter bitter, has been the young men and women called the taste of love, with lemon fresh fragrance smell to remove the smell of shoes, can be described as a multiplier, the lemon cut on a Two pieces into the shoes, a night later, the smell of shoes is no longer exist, put on this leaves to leave the lemon fragrance of shoes, presumably feet will smile it! We often peel the orange to eat, will readily throw away the orange peel, orange peel is actually very valuable, not only can soak drink can also be placed on the pillow to help sleep, the key can help us to remove the smell of shoes, the oranges Skin into the shoes, after a night later, the smell of shoes has been floating away, put on the orange peel flavor of the shoes, a whole day will be quite happy mood Oh. Tea fragrance has been to remove the smell of the function, very friends eat ginger and garlic and other smell of food, will immediately chew a few slices of tea to solve, more chewing gum is more healthy, with tea to remove shoes In the smell is more than enough, the tea bag placed in the shoes one night, the next day the smell of shoes also disappeared.

The smell of wine is well known, especially the Erguotou, is called the altar can drink drunk cattle wine, liquor can not only greet the men, but also in the kitchen cooking items, liquor is to remove the shoes In the smell of the best choice, as long as the inside and outside the shoes evenly sprayed white wine, shoes dry, only wine fragrance. Charcoal on the numerous holes, and the hole has a strong adsorption function to eliminate some of the strong smell, there are many animal husbandry barn barn, will be placed charcoal to improve the living environment of livestock, I believe there are many Friends will use activated carbon to remove the formaldehyde odor in the room, the charcoal or activated carbon, placed in the smell of shoes, shoes, the smell will be eliminated faster. In fact, to rule athlete's foot, the most important thing is to pick jordan 12 a pair of comfortable breathable shoes, the best way or to change their habits, so pay attention to health, frequently changing insoles, etc., so as to avoid beriberi in people's lives The Xiaobian also selected some comfortable breathable shoes, to wear such shoes, it will not be embarrassed Oh! Chic and generous square design, Jiaoqiao pleasant, avant-garde type, while reserved to the full space of the toes, walking more flexible and comfortable to enjoy the comfort of the same time add a bit fashion charm, side buckle decoration is a major highlight of the upper , An increase of the upper layer of the sense of retro style interpretation of the most incisive, comfortable and comfortable feet comfortable, but also a popular material.