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No fine high with no elegance? Bishop you how to wear both exquisite and comfortable!

Beauty of the girls who always have such trouble, do not wear high heels, afraid of a modeling effect discount, wear it, it is foot pain, fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers retro jordans especially know how to dress, and leisure sports wind and elegant mature mix and match Of the gods, today we follow her learn to abandon the high heels, how to wear to be elegant and comfortable. Coat with this style of shoes do not need to say that fashion Xiaobian have been holding a big speaker to wear this way to call the earth people know, want elegant, the body less color, whether it is shoes, To be simple, to be pure. Pointed shoes is synonymous with elegance, wearing a coat to wear sports shoes is casual elegance, then with pointed shoes is exquisite elegance, nine pants is a good partner with pointed flat shoes. Peas shoes comfort may have we all experienced, but the Peas shoes is not only used as a driving tool shoes to use, a nine cheap jordans online pants plus shoes with the same color of the vest, looks casual and elegant, right, this reflective Sunglasses, this year for a color lens and was rated as a popular trend, the girls can buy sunglasses look.

White shirt black pants, plus a pair of black and white flat jordan shoes shoes, has been jordans on sale very neat, if you feel some monotonous, like Sofie like to catch a color scarf, both rich color and warm. Slim type H-type coat with nine points wide leg pants will make people look more thin and tall, a pair of low-heeled shoes will be able to lengthen the leg lines, is the classic morning with. Milk yellow sweater with white pants, according to the conventional terms, the feet of a pair of light-colored shoes was normal, but Sofie a pair of black pointed shoes did not violate the sense, because the smart she chose the same as the dark bag echo shoes , Naturally look harmonious. Long and ankle pleated skirt always exudes a thick feminine, coupled with lazy loose sweater, the overall color brightness is low but comfortable and natural, a pair of pointed shoes and let the shape of fine up, saying that this low Pointed shoes not only with long skirt shorts smoking pants are very beautiful yet. Many of the girls are still worried about wearing too casual, their exquisite jacket skirt can not match, in fact, completely redundant, as long as your shoes are not so running shoes is no problem, fine shirt but more to enhance the sense of elegance, like Sofie Such a three-dimensional embroidery shawl with knee-length skirt looks really elegant fresh.