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Pedal on the retro smoking shoes, a decent gentleman

Smoking shoes from the British aristocratic manor of the indoor slippers evolved, was once considered a manifestation of luxury. The most primitive is to use the sparkling velvet to do the upper, will be embroidered on the upper on behalf of their aristocratic identity of the family badge and their own name. But it was said that smoking shoes at the time, only in their own living room wearing, even to the corner of the coffee shop, but also jordan 12 a gentleman of things. Of course, the times are changing in the trend is also like, is now almost no tie shoes are mostly attributed to the class of music shoes. Smoking shoes and Lok Fu shoes is the biggest difference is that most of the velvet is done with vamps, with a strong sense of exquisite luxury, unlike the blessing shoes of the public temperament, but now also have a variety of materials, smoking shoes, elements More diversified. Filled with the atmosphere of the ancient atmosphere of the printing of high-end atmosphere, with a black velvet retro jordans bow embellishment, so that the shoes are more three-dimensional. Rounded upper feet comfortable feet, real wear strong.

Smoking shoes in the street street shooting in the mirror rate is getting higher and higher, from the earliest cheap jordans for sale only at home wearing a single product, to the stars now have to put on the streets, have to say, fashion is inclusive. Smoking shoes are no longer confined to a style and can match with any formal and semi-formal dress match, and even the most popular mix and match can also be used in its body, revealing the feet seem full and sexy. No extra decoration of the embellishment, high cold tone gives a mature and stable temperament. Thick leather soles and vamps coherent, excellent ventilation, daily with casual wear or suits are cheap jordan shoes safe. Matte texture of the upper with a bit modern city sense, relaxed and natural, not that a solemn atmosphere. Traditional handmade craft production, coupled with the first layer of calfskin material, cost-effective.