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Small white shoes tan yellow how to do? The answer is here

I do not know if there is no small white shoes? And some words have the experience of brush shoes, but we found it, after a small white brush after drying, and so dry new jordan shoes there will be a trace of yellow, so that the whole pair of shoes look very old is also very good, and It is difficult to wash, then we all know why this is it? In fact, this is just the sun and the shoes above some of the components of the reaction, and so dry after the shoes will be yellowed, nor is it a big problem, you want to solve is also very easy to see below what small retro jordans coup can solve this Problem! Wash the shoes with Taomi Shui, because the white shoes yellowing because the sun and shoes had an oxidation reaction, Taomi Shui has just had the role of antioxidant, so wash the small white shoes with Taomi Shui is a very good choice Oh! When washing with a napkin bag about the shoes. This method is particularly convenient, suitable for students party Oh, as jordan 13 long as the shoes after the bag wrapped in paper towels on the Well, so after the shoes dry and then the paper towel will be found down and found that the shoes did not turn yellow Oh! Use special cleaning agents. Since the small white shoes will be yellowed, it will have a corresponding solution, and the most direct way is to buy a special cleaning small white shoes cleaning agent, so that will not only let the shoes after a new look, but also particularly convenient! toothpaste. Do not know if you have not used toothpaste to clean the shoes, anyway, Xiaobian is there, toothpaste has a stubborn stains to remove the function, used to clean the white shoes and other parts of the dirty parts are very effective Oh!

bleaching powder. Many people like to prepare bleach to wash clothes, because a lot of clothes are white, once dirty or stained, with bleach blisters will turn white, of course, apply a small white shoes, but should pay attention to jordan 11 more than a few times the water Oh! Unloading oil. This is not a lot of people know it? But it is also very convenient and useful way Oh, as long as the unloading oil painted in the yellow parts of the shoes, and then wash it, and then wrapped in toilet paper drying just fine! Small white shoes to yellow how to do the methods are in the above, is not it very simple? If you still think these methods are very troublesome, then the best way is not to buy small white shoes Oh, so naturally can save them will be yellowing trouble!