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Spring must be 4 kinds of shoes, little sister who prepared the whole?

Coincided with the season, but also to the shoe can not find all over the shoes to wear the day, let's go back to talk on the topic of fashion. I heard that this year began to popular retro style thick cat heels, and is to learn to wear high heels of the prelude, designed for the cardamom old girl design pointed shoes avant-garde personality, elegant and romantic, the most likely to touch the hearts of the baby that softest place, Momo sauce remembered the first attempt to tip shoes to be deeply impressed. Shallow mouth design, from the toe seam at the beginning, revealing a large area of ??the feet, even if the fertilizer feet, can play from the visual effect of elongated lines. Retro corduroy material is this pair of features, wear it will feel unprecedented comfort, looks quite generous, no tacky feeling. Foot type is jordan 11 not too positive, easy to wear shoes, it is recommended to choose ankle lace style, easy to walk, does not affect the appearance. The design is very unique word ring sandals, small ring mosaic is particularly stylish, particularly stable type of walking,

Want to be a goddess, to a pair of shoes with high 9CM! Unstable foot feeling comfortable, so that through the MM who can not stop, the word deduction is wide, but not slightly feet, wearing a very fit. If asked what kind of shoes can easily provoke the baby girl's heart, with you from the early spring to the late spring, it must be Mary Jane shoes! Popular terms, it seems to be a pair of only suitable for small girl wearing strap buckle shoes, but who said that after the 18-year-old baby can not occasionally secretly when a good girl? Put on lace socks, Mengmei standard ah there are wood! Wild section of coarse heels, is the student party to wear the style, not so bright, but simple fashion to the bones, college wind is very strong shoes. Most of the MM can wear the usual Mary Jane shoes, style is more generous, whether with tight pants or dress, are beautiful. In all the Mary Jane shoes, suede style is also a gentle system, the word buckle simple and generous, hit the color design to add fun and lively sense. Small white shoes really love powder is never to say bad street is not fashionable such words. As a poisoning to choose difficult patients, do not know what time to wear shoes every day when not so pick, and properly fit the little white shoes with any wow!

Looks like a pair of cheap jordans small white shoes, loose soles are indirectly pulled tall body, to the dwarf people bring benefits, the top two pairs of shoe holes designed to hit the color, highlight the youthful vitality. High-caliber calfskin fabric will let you enjoy a very good sense jordan 13 of foot, spring jordan sneakers is a season for travel, early to prepare a pair of such shoes is indeed necessary.