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Summer travel essential single product beach shoes how to buy and maintenance it?

Now, the seaside has become one of many people choose a tourist destination, in jordan 7 order to avoid being on the beach of marine animals like crustaceans or stones and other hard objects hurt, of course, a pair of sandals, then, how to buy beach shoes, But also how to maintain it? Follow Xiaobian to see how to buy and maintenance of beach shoes it Good beach shoes should be comfortable, cool, durable, lightweight, mildew, breathable, waterproof, moisture, quick drying and so on. Choose sandals do not blindly cheap, the best choice for regular brands. A pair of comfortable sandals soles should be a whole streamline, foot bend at the arch, closer to the foot surface to play to support the role of our entire foot, making us long distance walking the entire foot even force, rather than feet Bent over the air force, easy to fatigue. General beach soles will do a wide, to ensure that can withstand the air jordan entire foot, suitable for any foot type of people wearing. Both to prevent the toe exposed when playing hard objects, can also protect the feet are not the beach gravel and broken glass and other scratches. And the soles of the feet should be a large area of ??the pattern, on the one hand to play some massage foot, relieve fatigue; on the one hand to increase the foot and the upper friction, there will not be a water foot easily from the shoes Front or rear slide out of the situation. Usually do not wear sandals when the heel of the fixed shoelace under the foot in the air jordans for sale foot. There are a lot of people will be slippers to wear sandals, over time, the shoes will be tampered with a fixed tape, shoe body will be deformed. Try not to wear beach shoes to do the intense exercise. Like playing basketball, playing football, try to wear special shoes, no matter how good the beach shoes can not be used as football shoes. Mountain trip as much as possible not to sharp stone and other sharp objects on the step, to avoid a long time the beach shoes in the water, or on the sun exposure, camping, careful not to let the fire, so as not to change color, deformation, accelerated aging.

Try to avoid the beach shoes lend a footer than your feet to wear. To avoid the shoes after the big easy to break, or no longer fit. Avoid contact with chemicals, such as alcohol, sulfuric acid, stained with chemicals or soaked in water should be promptly cleaned. Beach shoes dirty should be promptly cleaned, cleaning should not be careful to wash with a shoe brush, should be repeated with water rinse, and then wipe with a rag, put ventilated place to dry, shoe body dropped or short-term should be timely sewing.

Beach shoes have a fatal flaw, especially after the wet water (such as sewage and sea water, etc.), the next day will usually smell, because in the wet environment easy to cheap jordans for sale breed bacteria and volatile odor. It is recommended to put a bottle of deodorant disinfectant water diluted in a basin, the beach shoes soaked in disinfectant for half an hour to an hour, the laces of the bacteria are killed, and then clean, dry, smelly Taste no, there is a fragrance of disinfection of water taste.