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Wearing sandals afraid of tanning Single shoes can not let you like this!

Every summer the sun is burning, this year is more fierce, called the easy to turn the girls made a worry. But it is too hot, sandals and could not help but wear up. After a period of time, the feet on the black and white, it is not nice ah, really do not know Shashi Hou to become white yo. Want to wear sandals but fear tan? Shoes retro jordans are not willing to be your sun Oh. Xiao Bian secretly tell you Oh, not only sandals only cool breathable Oh, there are nice and cool shoes, so comfortable and beautiful Oh. Grandma shoes is very popular this summer, single shoes style Oh, the material of the shoe super soft, wearing a good foot in the feet, the upper cut the stitching is also very characteristic Oh, simple yet small personality, received a lot of girls Sought after Oh There is a hollow design of the shoes and popular as breathable and cool Oh, large hollow is very cool, small piece of hollow pattern is played a very good decorative effect, it seems the art of retro, practical and beautiful Oh. The word with a buckle round shoes have a soft girl feeling Oh, is also a good choice for the summer Oh Do not want to be sunny area? Quickly put on breathable shoes to wear it. Retro British style hollow small shoes. Simple and generous style, color and version of the type is very eye-catching Oh, eye-catching caramel is very unique, a kind of gorgeous feeling, cooking process interpretation of retro and literary feeling, shoes, foot feeling is also great, breathable thin, comfortable Soft oh

Shallow mouth with a small British shoes. Metal buckle uppers design is very popular style Oh, has a simple and generous style, the upper and inside the cortex are very soft, wearing a skin in the skin breath, foot feeling is also very comfortable Oh. Square head with retro shoes. cheap jordan shoes Super-Western style of a single shoes Oh, heel design is very thought, looked very eye-catching, high-quality leather to create a soft and comfortable foot experience, insoles or three thick foam Oh One word buckle literary jordan 11 round shoes. The original German system of the new jordans Brooke handmade shoes really great Oh, the material is very real shoes, soft ultra-fine fiber material and convenient metal double buckle design very carefully Oh, the permeability of the shoes is also great, with flowers Socks look good. College wind retro Oxford shoes. This pair of shoes is very fine workmanship Oh, shoes and colors are very positive, hand-car line sewing texture is very good, the lines are very smooth, retro leisure, fashion wild, breathable layer design will not boring Oh