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What are the details of the selection of leather sandals?

Leather sandals is the spring season to the beginning of autumn footwear leading products, pick leather sandals new jordans have to pay attention to, and dry cleaning franchise together carefully selected, including inspection uppers, soles, heels and hook heart, etc., when buying shoes to join dry cleaning Shop master guide, you can buy the right leather sandals. Leather sandals refers to the use of a variety of technology will be natural leather, artificial leather material made of the band (face) retro jordans and made of various materials made of footwear products. Winter has not seen leather sandals.

In the selection of leather sandals, pay attention to the following points:

1. Check the upper, the material in the shoe. High-quality shoes leather fine, bright, the main parts of no color, no disability, fingers by the back of the skin is not loose surface, finishing layer does not fall off, no cracking, the shoes should be natural leather materials.

2. Check the soles. With nails light soles, good quality soles have flexibility, soft and hard moderate, do not peel off.

3. Check the heel. The shoes can be flat on the counter, good quality shoes should be smooth, followed by the jordan 12 palm should be all contact with the table, hand up do not shake, with the height of shoes to be consistent with the heel.

4. check the heart. The hook is installed in the leather shoes outsole and the middle jordans for sale and bottom support from the role of the key parts of the positioning, the shoes flat on the solid table, hard according to the heart area, qualified shoes should not be soft, no deformation.

5. Check the main with the header. The main part is to help set the key components, installed in the heel parts of the upper and shoes between; Baotou is the toe shape of the components, installed in the front between the upper and the upper. Check the finger can be pressed (mention) pressure with the head of the head, high-quality shoes should withstand the press. Hand into the shoes to check the installation location is correct, such as direct access to the main and Baotou materials, then the process is unreasonable. Leather sandals do not wear to pay attention to maintenance, a lot of people casually throw in the corner, until the warm spring came to find leather sandals, leather sandals have let you disappointed.