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What are you wearing when it rains?

Compared to sunny daylight, and the wind blowing. When the rain, the rain has fallen to hit the sound on the windowsill, as if the whole world are quiet down only hear their feelings must have many people love. So what about when you are raining? When you open this page, you will find that Martin boots have so much change. Colorful fluorescent hit the color, the classic retro wine red and dark green, Ma Ka Long Department of light, vivid shuttle in the foot of the model interpretation of the infinite landscape. They have to buy a pair, amazing once it When the rain, the most irritable to wear what shoes go out. If it is light and do not go a long way down is also good, heavy rain or the way the situation encountered in the water is simply to life. Leather can not bubble, canvas will be wet, travel shoes difficult to ride, save the rain boots will not let you surprise?

When looking down the street, the umbrella in the rain floated, and the bright colors in the gray architectural background were brighter than they were imagined. Accustomed to the candy color dress, why not in their own hate the weather put on the favorite color? Bright, and lovely cartoon graffiti, for the mood is so simple. If it is a canvas shoes loyal fans, and still rainy feet and feel distressed sister paper, see this imitation canvas shoes is actually a pair of rain boots mood, should be able to use joy to describe it. Yes, the location of the hole has been done with a careful water treatment, the next heavy rain, go out to go ~ sometimes, try a little floral is not so difficult For example, when the rain, the small floral rain boots and the other slightly damp the lace with a walk in the country road leisure, it allows you to slowly slow down the pace, the string of rain stopped the passers-by eyes, Unscrupulous.

In most of the sparkling rubber rain boots to see a pair of matt version, it will feel very novel. Obviously a pair of very low-key short boots, classic buckle decoration, how can not imagine this is actually a rain boots right? See the sole to increase the anti-slip surface, it really has a little real sense. Attracting eyes there are two places, one can unload cotton sets, the second is parent-child. The presence of cotton sets to keep retro jordans for sale warm and simple, pull rope style adjustment jordans on sale loose do not have to worry about the spread. Pink and blue color of the parent-child can be both men and women, whether mother or mother, rainy days can show full of love. Thinking power is infinite, the annual red dot ideas can see countless efforts air jordan to solve the problem of innovative design, like this rain shoe cover. It is the original intention is not to change shoes can also rain, inside want to wear anything no problem. The bottom of the special anti-skid to do a deal, easy to wear the magic paste off the simple.