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What kind of shoes to wear what step, Jie Jie running shoes those things

Many people began a retro jordans fitness program, the best entry is the most convenient is running, every day watching their movement number of steps 10000 +, also bought a bracelet, download the software to help themselves stick to it. Running the most important equipment is the shoes, running in different venues need different shoes, you wear it? Many people in order to ensure the stability of fitness, to avoid weather, traffic and other issues affecting the continuity of running, home treadmill, at home will be able to run the running plan, part of the treadmill and audio and video and social functions, fully enjoy the modern technology convenient. Treadmill movement is not like running on the ground, the general use of leg muscles to move footsteps, rather than hamstring pull the upper body forward, when the speed increases, will increase the stride rather than increase the frequency. Treadmill sports shoes should be lightweight thin soles, especially the large toe frame, to adapt to the flexibility of the foot. And shoes should have enough shock and cushion, reduce the pressure of running concentrated in the foot and lead to pain, try to choose the shoes with a mat to avoid with the shoes, if there is low bow, running shoes or the more light the better. Belt friction will produce more heat, natural breathable fabric can also be a good guarantee of foot comfort, to avoid overheating affect the foot.

Many people like to run along the road, all the way to run all the way to see the city lights from the side skip, into jordan 11 the life, feel the city to bring life better. Running on the road is basically similar to the enhanced version of shopping, shopping for a long time will be sore, tired position, but also to pay attention to the protection of the location. The road is relatively hard, contact with the ground every day, easily lead to the knee after the purchase of cartilage injury, both sides of the thigh muscles overgrowth and calf sprain. Running shoes on the road should first be comfortable, avoid tight shoes, and must have money to effectively buffer the legs, especially the knee pressure. Generally recommended to avoid the cement pavement, but the marathon is generally on the road, in addition to shoes should pay attention to the warm-up before running and after the break, to avoid tired accumulation. Mountain road running people are not many, are generally mountainous area or close to the customs of the privilege of people, jordan 12 because of its beautiful environment, fresh air, the principle of the city jordan shoes and the hustle and bustle of the nearby residents love. Running on the mountain road has gone beyond the movement itself, it should be a pleasure. As the mountain road is generally hard, small buffer pressure on the foot is relatively large, should choose hiking shoes or hiking shoes (light), these shoes have good resistance to hard and wear resistance, soles with hard plastic materials, To prevent the collision, the upper is sheepskin, chemical fiber synthetic materials, soft and breathable, and even rain and snow on the ground slippery, but also to ensure that the feet dry and comfortable. Generally choose low in the height, reduce the weight can protect the foot.

On behalf of the development of urban construction, many neighborhoods have a large park, a large area of ??grass can provide nearby residents to play and running. The advantages of grassland is soft on the road, the impact on the body is small; grass ups and downs can change, to coordinate the coordination and leg size of the muscles, flat and solid grass is also suitable for speed practice. Of course, the shortcomings are obvious, the grass on the ups and downs and potholes, accidentally sprained ankle, sooner or later dew, the ground slippery, shoes are also easy to touch the water. District near the school people, will often go to school playground, and some cities also have a dedicated green road to the residents fitness dedicated, all belong to this column. Plastic runway soft and hard moderate, and will not be hard to the burden on the body, the road flat to reduce the risk, the general runway are fixed distance, easy to calculate the amount of exercise and matching speed. General sprint projects are carried out in the plastic runway, the whole is still more suitable for the public fitness, running shoes are more selective, if not a lot of sports needs, comfortable and breathable sports shoes can wear, More, pay attention to speed and avoid the crowd Oh.

Many people think that running as long as running up on the line, where are almost, in fact, different running ground, the impact of the body, running shoes will have a direct impact on fitness options. In the hard road to run, footsteps and landing is not effortless, but the relative impact on the body is also larger; if the road is soft, running up on the joint and bone pressure is small, so a pair of running shoes for their own The preparation work.