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What shoes for the elderly to teach you how to buy old shoes

Old shoes should follow the shoes before the wide shoes, shoes, tough, heel hard principle. That is, at least one centimeter before leaving the left, set aside enough space for the toe activities; moderate toughness shoes, not easy Wei feet, shoes can be turned by hand when the torsion, twist or twist can not twist into cheap jordans for sale the trumpet; The elderly feet fat pad thinning, cushioning ability becomes weak, one does not pay attention to step on the small stones, heel is easy to pain, the probability of occurrence of plantar fasciitis will become high, so the heel to have a certain hardness, and at least 2- 3 cm high, it helps to spread the pressure on the soles of the feet. In addition, the elderly should wear good gas shoes, such as sports shoes, try to avoid plastic and other materials; it is best to use a fastener, buckle and other fixed, because the shoelace is not only easy to release, but also increase the elderly were cheap jordan shoes tripped risk. Elderly feet most afraid of squeeze, the shoes size is slightly loose that does not matter. The evening is the most swollen feet when the day is the best time to try the new jordan shoes shoes; most of the elderly feet different size, so feet should try; old feet do not wear, so the shoes must wear it now Comfortable, try to wear at least ten minutes, walk back and forth, and then make a decision; standing when the feet to the left and right sides doubled to test the stability of the shoes, if the foot is easy to turn over, it is recommended not to buy; Squat when the shoes are easy to fit, so also check the feeling of squatting, you can tip or heel forward or after tiptoe to see if the shoes can completely wrap the feet.

With the increase of age, people's physical strength is slowly declining, if you walk a long time, you will feel very tired, especially when the shoes are not fit, this situation will be more serious; and the elderly in the body Osteoporosis is also more serious, so if the shoes do not fit, and Wei feet, it may lead to fracture of the situation, so the choice of shoes in the elderly, we must choose to fit shoes, such shoes should be loose first A little, it will be more comfortable, and it is best not to wear too high with the shoes, low cheap jordans for sale with the rough with the shoes is a better choice. It is recommended to choose a high heel 1.5-2 cm shoes, can limit the excessive directional rotation, enhance stability, is conducive to maintaining the elderly's arch, the elderly standing and walking are more favorable. Moreover, to improve the heel, to reduce foot pain also has a very significant effect. The first problem with the right shoes is to be with the feet.