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With not high, moderate on the line

This year mix and match the wind menacing, skirt with shoes, subversion of the skirt must be with high heels is so beautiful traditional concept, but also people energetically open, heels greater than 5 cm have feminine? No! Shoes with the high, the key is whether it is suitable for your temperament, characteristics and overall dress. Thin high-heel is like a weapon, strong lethality, exudes attractive charm, but too sharp momentum is actually limited, moderate heel can attend a lot of occasions, in the heel to do The article can also attract the eye, the metal material with a small low-color bright, hollow shape is very texture, better than high heels Oh!

Shoes and then fashionable, but also around a principle: comfortable. Must wear high heels, try slope is also good, from the health point of view, wedge shoes than the same cheap jordans online height of high heels, more conducive to walking, nude color will make the legs become more slender in the visual. Put on a high high heels, the walk will be graceful temperament surge, but if it is already tall girl, and then to pedal a pair of high-hate days, not only did not hold the chest, but rather staggering like stilts, watching It is counterproductive. Steadily stepped on a moderate high shoes, the heart of prison, it will not affect the image. Clothes can modify the posture, foot shape can also be a big change through the shoes. Feet in the set with bright stones under the thin belt becomes more slender, looks looks very delicate, the new crystal with the shoes rose several levels, closer to the tall. Shoes can be combined with the long skirt, flat shoes on the scope of the greatly increased, practical and comfortable, feet do not have to torture, why not? Worried about the hot words, the upper breathable yarn can be a good heat, but also take into account the fashion beautiful. With the rough with the corresponding pointed, to avoid the fine with the tip of the discord, rough and stable, like a solid strong backing, the front of the tip to enjoy it, to eliminate the whole shape will not be unbalanced concerns, with Skirt is quite elegant with Fan children.

Do not worry about shoelaces trouble, slim lace is also a decoration for the whole pair of shoes icing on the cake, but also reflects the owner clean and tidy side, thin pondering about flat heels, it contains a lot of meaning, the total Have the appropriate style with your different clothing.